"A student from the real world, a priest in training. Luminious accidentally discovered a secret scroll and was dragged into another dimension named Uranous ans begun his quest of saving the world.."


Luminious is the primary protagonist of Forgotten Testament original series. an ordinary high school student finishing his graduation and prepare to enter the university, he lives in a Catholic Church reside his school and lives as a priest in training. Very skillful in the art of sorcery but he rarely disclose his gift to avoid conflict and attention. One day, he discovered a mysterious scroll passed down from his family line under the Jesus Cross in the Sanctuary Hall, and the scroll opened up a dimensional rift and dragged him into the world of Uranous.

Abilities and StatsEdit

Power- Using Maoshan- Supreme Clarity to destroy evil, and his power improved greatly once he is being blessed with the power of the 5 Gods


Main Weapon: Sword

Sub Weapons- Eight Trigrams (Qián Xùn Kǎn Gèn Kūn Zhèn Lí Duì ), Magic Circle, almanac Testament, Mirror, Amulet, Tao charm

White Tiger/ Byakoo- Slashes foe with damaging combo with white aura based claw slash.

Blue dragon/ Seriryuu- Using Talisman and summon light energies to trace his foes.

Crimson Peacock/ Suzaku- Using Talisman and create Red aura trace his foes like a fireball and stuns them with raging fire.

Black Tortorise/ Genbu- Black protective shield reflect projectiles, magic attacks.

Gold Dragon/ Kouryuu- Shining aura increase attack power for a period of time.

Deathblow chainer- Luanch foe into air, great for combo

Evil Break- Summon Talisman to stop enemies movement temporary, close range attack.

Flare Orb- Conjour a giant orb of high tempature and explode, causing massive damage, ignore defense to all foes.

Light Orb- Raise his sword upward and charge lighting in it, slash a unstoppable wave of energy blast to his foe. Causing stop to single foe.

Mountain Summoning- Summon a huge mountain and appear above his foes from the sky and crush his enemies.

(Illumina- Eight Trigrams of Gods)- Seal his foes inside a Eight Trigrams. Summon and gather all power of 5 Gods.. And Luminious continues to pelts the enemy infinitely with magic with all elementals... The 5 Gods appears and smite the opponents from 5 directions, Luminious clasps its hands and pray... The Trigram explodes and cast his enemies out of existence. (Ultimate Finisher.)

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